The beating heart of Pragmora's mission is its campaigns to advocate realistic, non-violent measures to resolve and prevent conflicts around the world.

We develop, vet and select our advocacy actions through a systematic and rigourous method, The Pragmora Process.

A new organisation, Pragmora has just launched its first advocacy campaign -- to stablize the peace in Sri Lanka. More advocacy campaigns will be added gradually until we are addressing all conflict situations around in the world.



Sri Lanka 's 25-year civil war ended in May, but the post-war peace is fragile. Whether Sri Lanka enjoys long-term peace, or suffers a resurgence of conflict, will depend on how the Government in victory treats its Tamil minority.

An enduring peace in Sri Lanka requires: equality of all citizens under the Constitution; rapid re-settlement of all Tamils displaced by the war; restoration of an independent media; and a watchful international community.

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Pragmora launches its first advocacy campaign